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DULUTH, MN. (Northern News Now) -The Historic Old Central High School is now home to residential apartments, giving new life to an old building. 

While the exterior remains the same, a $55 million renovation has transformed the interior. More than 100 residential apartments now fill the space inside, which developers describe as mixed-income.

Mark Laverty with Saturday Properties said it took a lot of work to convert the building.

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In today’s competitive real estate market, creating a unique and seamless experience for potential residents is crucial. Saturday Properties’ Founder & CEO, Brent Rogers, has pioneered an initiative known as “The Saturday Experience,” aimed at enhancing resident satisfaction and, in turn, boosting ROI for our clients. In a recent interview, Brent shared insights into how this initiative works and its impact on both residents and investors.

The Simplicity of The Saturday Experience

The Saturday Experience revolves around a straightforward yet powerful concept: making it easy for potential residents to find, move,  and live in a Saturday Property. According to Brent “There’s a reason that ‘We Make It Easy’ is the first item in The Saturday Experience. It’s about reducing friction and stress for our potential residents, ensuring they have a smoother and more enjoyable experience in their new home.” This initiative is not just a slogan; it’s a fundamental principle that guides our marketing and operational strategies. By focusing on this core idea, we aim to alleviate the common pain points associated with finding a new home, the move-in process, and the overall living experience.

The emphasis on simplicity is evident throughout all stages of the resident journey. By focusing on clear communication and streamlined processes, The Saturday Experience stands out in the market. “Everybody understands what [simplicity] means,” Brent notes. This clarity helps differentiate us from competitors. It reflects our commitment to an easy apartment-hunting process for prospective residents and providing exceptional service throughout the entire resident experience.


Involving the Whole Lifecycle of a Project

The Saturday Experience encompasses the entire lifecycle of a project from inception to completion, ensuring a seamless and intentional process. Brent emphasizes, “The [Saturday] Experience is created from the beginning…an injection of thoughtfulness and design to enhance a project.”

By carefully considering each phase of a project, we align all aspects with our goal of making things easier for our residents. This approach not only enhances the resident experience but also streamlines our internal processes, enabling our teams to deliver consistent, high-quality service. It’s a comprehensive strategy that ensures no detail is overlooked, providing a cohesive and efficient project lifecycle.

Enhancing Resident Satisfaction

One of the key components of The Saturday Experience is its ability to enhance resident satisfaction. By removing obstacles, residents can smoothly transition into and stay in their new homes. “We’ve reduced frictions and made the process easier,” Brent explains. This not only makes residents happy but also fosters a positive relationship from their very first impression. Our focus on resident satisfaction goes beyond the initial move-in phase. We continually seek ways to improve the living experience, from maintaining high standards of building maintenance to offering responsive and personalized service. When residents feel that their needs are being met with minimal hassle, their satisfaction naturally increases, leading to higher retention rates.

Continuous Improvement Through Feedback

Understanding and incorporating resident feedback is a crucial part of The Saturday Experience. Brent emphasizes, “We’re always trying to be in a state of improvement…measuring through our Satisfacts surveys.” By fostering an open dialogue with our residents, we can quickly identify and address any issues that arise, ensuring that their needs are consistently met. Moreover, our ability as a small, local operator allows us to quickly pivot based on feedback. This ongoing process of feedback and improvement helps us keep a pulse on the evolving needs of our residents, ensuring that we continue to deliver an exceptional service.

Creating a Community Feel

The Saturday Experience aims to make residents feel that they are part of a community rather than just living in an apartment. Brent shares, “Once they are a resident, we’ve introduced them to a new friend, community, ability to get more pets, and more.” Creating a community involves more than just social activities; it’s about building meaningful connections among residents and team members. We offer a variety of community events and programs designed to bring people together and foster a sense of camaraderie. Whether it’s a pet-friendly policy that encourages residents to bond over their love of animals or social gatherings that help neighbors get to know each other, every aspect of our community initiatives is designed to enhance the resident experience. This approach not only helps in retaining residents but helps differentiate us for potential residents.

The ROI Connection

Increased resident satisfaction directly translates to improved ROI for our clients. Happy residents stay longer, reducing turnover rates and associated costs. Additionally, we get positive resident reviews and referrals, attracting more prospective residents and ensuring higher occupancy rates. Our transparency in reporting and communication allows for our clients to see the impact of The Saturday Experience on residents and their increased ROI in real time. The simplicity and effectiveness of The Saturday Experience creates a win-win situation for both residents and investors. By focusing on resident satisfaction, we create a stable and profitable investment for our clients.

CEO’s Vision and Future Plans

Brent’s vision for The Saturday Experience was inspired by the desire to create a better, more user-friendly approach to apartment living. “The beauty of the components of The Saturday Experience is in their simplicity,” he states. Looking ahead, Brent and the leadership team will continue to broaden the scope and refine this impactful initiative. This forward-thinking approach ensures that we remain at the forefront of industry innovation, constantly improving and adapting to meet the needs of our residents.



AIA Minneapolis, Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission and Preserve Minneapolis are pleased to announce that The Maytag Co. building received a 2019 Minneapolis Preservation Award for Historic Restoration, Rehabilitation or Adaptive Reuse. 

This year’s award categories included accomplishments in preservation, new construction in historic districts, advocacy, education and individual career achievement. Organizers also added a new category for 2019: The Preservation Gem Award, which recognized a single, masterfully-completed small project or detail.

We are absolutely thrilled by the number and quality of entries this year and extend our congratulations to all of the winners. Projects like The Maytag Co. show the dedication and creativity of our local architecture community in their pursuit of excellence in preservation.

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