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Leasing Efficiency: Revelry and Zenith Lead the Way

In the competitive multifamily housing sector, Revelry and Zenith exemplify Saturday Properties’ leasing efficiencies. Both projects achieved impressive prelease rates and conversion metrics. These properties have set new standards for strategic leasing efforts, showcasing the effectiveness of early engagement and conversion tactics.



Strategic Planning and High Conversion Rates

Opening Date: June 1, 2024

Preleased at Opening: 35%


Key Performance Metrics:

  • Tour to Application Conversion Rate: 53%
  • Lead to Tour Conversion Rate: 42%


Revelry’s metrics highlight its highly efficient leasing process, with a tour to application conversion rate more than double the industry standard of 25%. Its lead to tour conversion rate also significantly exceeds the industry average of 12%, indicating strong prospect attraction and engagement.



Efficient Leasing with Rapid Engagement

Opening Date: January 1, 2024

Preleased at Opening: 45%


Key Performance Metrics:

  • Lead to Tour Conversion Rate: 39%
  • Tour to Application Conversion Rate: 40%

Zenith’s lead to tour conversion rate surpasses industry benchmark, showcasing its effective leasing approach. The tour to application also exceeds benchmark, reflecting Zenith’s ability to convert interest into commitments efficiently.


The Saturday Experience: Driving Success

The success of Revelry and Zenith can be attributed to The Saturday Experience, characterized by several key factors:

  • Eye-catching, Brand-consistent Advertising: Effective advertising is crucial in capturing the attention of potential renters. Both properties utilized thoughtful, visually-appealing, and consistent branding across all marketing materials.
  • Collaboration with Digital Marketing and Branding Teams: Close collaboration with digital marketing and branding teams ensured that both properties had a strong online presence and articulate marketing strategy.
  • Utilization of Print and Community Outreach: In addition to digital efforts, both properties employed traditional print advertising and community outreach to broaden their reach and engage local prospects.
  • Methods to Attract Potential Renters: Leveraging effective advertising channels by analyzing prospect data were essential in driving traffic to the properties. Utilizing a mix of digital platforms, social media, radio ads, local events, and partnerships, both properties maximized their visibility and appeal to potential renters.


Impact on Property Owners

Property Owners are experiencing more predictable occupancy and a quicker path to stabilization due to The Saturday Experience initiatives throughout these lease-ups.


Setting New Industry Standards

Revelry and Zenith, under the management of Saturday Properties, have not only met but surpassed industry benchmarks in leasing efficiency. Their achievements underscore the importance of strategic planning, effective marketing, and superior customer engagement in the multifamily housing market. As Revelry and Zenith continue to fill their apartments, they serve as benchmarks of success, showcasing how The Saturday Experience drives results in the competitive leasing landscape.