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Our Mission

Developing people and buildings to deliver the Saturday Experience
Our Core Values
At Saturday, we live by our Core Values. They are at the root of our hiring and review process and we make sure that every Saturday team member shares our Core Values. Each member of the Saturday Team knows where the company is headed and is committed to helping us achieve that vision. 
Be Helpful &
Be a Team Player
Be helpful to your teammates, residents, clients and everyone you encounter. Recognize that every person on our team adds value and drives this company forward. Find a way to work together to win!
Be Fun &
Have Fun
Every day is a Saturday! Every person that interacts with us should walk away knowing that fun is at the core of what we do. 
An inherent need to exceed expectations gives us a competitive edge and drives us forward as individuals, a site team and a company. 
Move forward! Be earnest and thoughtful in making the best decision with the information at hand.
Do the
Right Thing
The Saturday Proven Process
Find It
Focus on 
Development Core Values
Quick Feedback
Enduring Partnerships
Build It
Certainty of Closing
Alignment of Risk & Capital
On Time & 
On Budget Delivery
Run It
Data Driven Decisions
Market Leading 
Resident Satisfaction
Better Bottom Line
Support It
Leadership Focus on
Culture & Core Values
Employee Retention Leader
Institutional Reporting Process
Saturday Properties Leadership Team
Brent is passionate about finding underutilized real estate and breathing new life into old buildings and neighborhoods. He is a calculated risk-taker, creative leader, numbers geek, dad of 3 and waterskiing addict.
Brent Rogers
Owner & Visionary
Passionate about creating an exceptional experience for the Saturday team, partners and residents—Jaime is focused on conserving a culture of fun and continual improvement and growth. She loves time spent with her husband and kids, friends, spreadsheeting and giving high-fives.
Jaime Perron
President & Integrator
With over 30 years in the Property Management industry covering major metropolitan markets across the country, Gail brings an invaluable depth and breadth of experience to the Saturday leadership team. Developing people to reach their best potential is one of Gail’s strengths and passions. When she’s not working, Gail loves to travel and especially enjoys being near water!
Gail May
VP Property Management
Mark grows our portfolio by taking projects from the initial site selection through entitlements, design and financing until the project closes. He then works with our partners and construction team until the project transitions to our operations team.
Mark Laverty
Director of Development
Being well-versed in compliance and talent management, as well as an engaged listener, Tanya applies an innovative lens to people management to drive business results. She believes connecting people to strategy is critical to success.
Tanya Tatting
Human Resources Manager
Property Management Leadership Team
With a passion for employee development and strong financial and analytical skills, Taunee thrives in cultivating knowledgeable and client-friendly teams while achieving market and industry success.
Taunee Sellers
Director of Leasing & Revenue Management
Larry manages our capital projects from start to close working closely with new construction team , on site staff and vendors . He oversees all our property facility maintenance. He has a passion for both new construction and restoring historic buildings. He loves spending time with family and spending time outdoors and enjoying fishing year round.
Larry Nunn
Director of Maintenance
Chris embodies our Core Value of Be Helpful & Be A Team Player. He is passionate about team member development and relationship building. Skilled in driving performance and focused on asset health, Chris is dedicated to our team member, resident, and owner success.
Chris Schlachter
Regional Property Manager
Our Development Capabilities

New Construction

Ground up redevelopments in up-and-coming neighborhoods

Historic Renovations

Bringing new life to old buildings in great neighborhoods

Trusted Partner

A trusted parter for joint ventures and public/private projects

Development Core Values

Irreplaceable Real Estate

Focus on large sites and historic buildings in developed areas with high barriers to entry.

Return on Capital

Proforma analysis to determine if underwritten project meets sufficient Return on Cost, Cash on Cash, IRR, and Equity Multiple.

Underserved Market

Is there “Pent-up Demand”—does the project provide an unmet need in the market?


We target projects that are between $20m-$100m.

Visibility and Walkability

Does the site have good traffic counts and high visibility? Is it in a neighborhood that you can walk to amenities, transit, and services? Can you walk to grab a coffee, groceries, the bus, or a beer?

Joint Venture or Friendly Seller

Is the project coming through an existing joint venture partner, or is there a favorable relationship with land/building seller?

Closing Risk

Evaluate obstacles to closing including municipal entitlements, governmental approvals, and availability of capital for project type and location
We aren’t your typical management company because we can drive a better bottom line by:
Being fully committed to our core values and company culture
Result: Low staff turnover
Utilizing a unique professional sales structure
Result: Higher revenue
We recruit & train an on site team focused on a resident-centric experience
Result: Higher resident retention
Investing in unique marketing & branding to create individual personality & soul
Result: Market differentiation
Saturday Properties is committed to making smart, quick, data driven decisions. Transparent reporting and communication keeps our partners informed and aware. We’re growing yet keeping our small company mindset. That means we’re quick to pivot and implement change as needed.

Far beyond just catchy logos and names, our branding sets us apart from our competition and increases the value of our buildings. We discover and create the stories that must be told. Our brands connect the buildings to our residents and vice versa. We market, sell and operate with brand in mind… we live by it.

For our residents, we’re committed to providing the “Saturday Experience.” We cultivate communities that transcend typical apartment buildings. Our residents are excited to come home to our buildings where they can have fun while making real connections and new relationships. 

Everything that we do can be summed up in four words—we make it easy—for our residents, partners, and clients.
Our commitment to the community
Once a quarter we get the entire Saturday Properties team to give back to the community. Below are some of the great organizations we've had the pleasure of working with.
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Q4 2020 Score: 4.5
#11 of National Top 100
Small Management Companies 
(10-24 Communities)
All of our properties were awarded as ApartmentRatings Top Rated Communities in 2020

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